1995 F-150 Build

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King Shit of Fuck Mountain
Jan 23, 2013
Lake Elsinore
good idea although AJ did point out that it shouldnt have any draw while being switched off. i just dont know what else could be causing this since its the only new major electrical component ive introduced. but im probably due to check grounds and connections again anyways
Look at how the intercom is wired up. Also, if the radio loses signal from the battery it will turn the radio on the second the signal is regained. , ( ie battery shut off / disconnect switch between the battery and a fuse block that the radio is plugged into.) Every time I disconnect then reconnect my battery the radio turns on and starts receiving the NOAA frequency. But even that ( since it's RX and not TX,) shouldn't drain the battery

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Ron Mexico
Oct 5, 2014
Buena Park
Rear end started howling and clickity clackin so it got a rebuild which I’m almost done with…parts delays fucked me getting this done in time for the Baja 400 but I’m stoked regardless

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