1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Always Baja Bound
Jan 29, 2007
1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
This is the refreshed & reworked ZJ from Dirt Every Day's cheap truck challenge
Just a decent trail rig but not a hardcore crawler or prerunner

Located in south bay, Los Angeles

Front Axle
Dana 30 w/ Aussie Locker, re-geared to 4.10s Oct 2017
Tube Inserts
Axle C-gussets
u-joint axles swapped in from a wrangler

Front Suspension
Synergy short arms 3.0" kit all with double adjusters & DDBs
Bilstein 5100s
Synergy HD steering w/ Fox steering stabilizer
Steering box brace by Mountain Vista Fab

Rear Axle
Explorer 8.8, Detroit Locker, 4.10s, disc brakes
Artec ZJ Swap truss & bracketry.
E-Brake hooked up and functional, ABS not hooked up.
Ruffstuff diff cover (will include a spare Riddler Manufacturing HD diff cover that I didn't like)

Rear Suspension
Synergy short arms 3.0" kit all with double adjusters & DDBs
Fox 2.0 with external resi's - tuned by AccuTune

JCR Offroad winch bumper w/ brand new Smittybuild 8.5k winch. (Only use was winding the synthetic line on the drum)
Iron Rock offroad frame stiffener kit is included but not installed.
Driver side rocker is dented (previous owner)
tailgate is dented (previous owner)
rear bumper has a hole drilled in it from a winch (previous owner)
Rusty's T-case skidplate
Rusty's gas tank skidplate

Power & Drivetrain
5.2L V8 with just 198k miles
NP231 Transfer case w/ Advanced Adapters slip-yoke eliminator
Novak t-case shifter upgrade included but not installed
Brand new driveshafts, front & rear. All spicer parts end-to-end, round & balanced
Replaced all this stuff:
Spark plugs
spark plug wires
Ignition coil
distributor rotor
distributor cap
camshaft position sensor
crankshaft position sensor
all 8 fuel injectors
fuel filter
fuel pump
o2 sensor
Intake air temp sensor
EGR valve
Idle air control valve
Air filter + oil, obviously

Other Misc Items
33" BFG All Terrains in pretty damn good shape. Mounted to explorer sport wheels (5x4.5 pattern)
Brand new matching spare (october 2017)
All new carpet in the passenger area (trunk area is original & pretty dirty)
New headliner
New bluetooth capable head unit, 4 new speakers, and a 10" sub w/ crossovers
Front seat covers (they're torn up underneath)
Rear leather seats are in great shape
Power seats & windows
I still have the factory ZJ body accents but the plastic mounting things behind them are broken. The nubs on the body are still there if you wanted to get the accents back on ever.

The stuff that's wrong
Heater & AC don't work but all the parts are there. Needs diagnosing. Fan blows but only goes to 1 setting and just feels like ambient air.
Runs smooth & starts easy but it is definitely running rich. You can smell it in the exhaust & it only gets 10-11 mpg right now.
There's some manner of noise from the front end that I cannot find for the life of me, I think it's the axles having a little bit of play because of the aussie locker but i'm not sure.
I've used it on 3 trips driving there & back - on & off-road - with these ^ things happening and it's been problem-free, just uses more gas than I think it should.



Always Baja Bound
Jan 29, 2007
Bump. Price drop to $4k

Since the original post it also got a new alternator & power steering pump.
Our very own Mikey also put his stank on it with a swanky new rear tire carrier.
I started to build some rock sliders but haven't finished them. Have all the pieces that i'll include.
Lastly, it's freshly detailed front-to-back and ready to sell.



Always Baja Bound
Jan 29, 2007
Bump, price still at $4k.
Can talk lower if you're willing to let me keep the tire carrier & winch.

Also: fixed the AC, still only blows at feet though
Replaced PCM, truck starts & runs reliably now but it still sounds like it has a cam for some reason, haven't figured that out yet. Gas mileage has improved but only a few mpg.
New cat converter as well.

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