1997 Ford RAGER

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Dec 29, 2004
Phoenix Arizona
I originally didnt plan on making a build thread on this truck, but against my better judgement i am doing it anyway.

Just picked this thing up in Rialto today 1/22/13 and couldnt be more excited.

Heres some specs and pics of it now

1997 4.0 5 speed with 152k
Power Windows and Door Locks.
All grey interior with beard buckets, limo tint, and system.
Full glass (not sure of brand) i think hanneman though.
Home built front end about 4" wider, king coilovers with king bumps adn homemade engine cage.
Deavers out back with a bedcage and 16 2.5 fox smoothbodies, (both are for sale)
8.8 with 4.10s
American Racing Rims with 2 brand new 33 bfgs and two bald mickey thompsons
Tube bumpers front and rear with hella 500s up front and hid headlights

It has a few hiccups here and there, but for the price i paid im more than satisfied with what i got! I told myself i wont be doing another prerunner after this one, so it had to have everything i wanted. Finding a grey interior with power everything, and powered by a 4.0 5 speed is harder to find than you would think. Finding one built was icing on the cake!! Couldnt be happier right now! Probably wont be changing much of it for now, since i need to get out in the dirt asap, but after the season ill be swapping my new front end on, 35s, and all new glass.

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