1997 Ford RAGER

willis fab worx

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Aug 8, 2013
surprise az
^^ Awesome, i was wondering if you were gonna make use of those open tubes.

Seemed real close to axle though. The Camburg set up I have been using needs a 2" tube for mounting. And the arms are 24-28"!

I take it you plan to mount tie rods off the link? Plan on a smaller diameter bar with shorter arms? Is that tube 1.75 or 2"?
It’s a 2” tube and ya going to mount off the link

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Dec 29, 2004
Phoenix Arizona
Willis finished up the sway bar today. He also let me steal this 3rd member off his shelf. It’s a Strange case, 5.xx ratio, not sure I never counted, but got that all put together, super stoked on that! I got the brakes plumbed up and done today.

Then we couldn’t help ourselves but mess around with bedsides and spare tire location.

Hopefully I’ll be picking up all the fittings and everything to plumb the cell in the next few weeks when I’m in California. Otherwise, it’s almost done.

This thing is coming out way cooler than I ever thought it could. I almost think I’ll use it for its intended purpose. Who knows?

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