1997 Ford RAGER

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Aug 10, 2004
coming out bad ass. tin work has always been a challenge for me. i just have a hand bead/step roller. are you thinking of putting in some drain holes in the trunk?

willis fab worx

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Aug 8, 2013
surprise az
I got sick the last two days but spent a couple hours today and got the rear panel mounted. Iv been back and forth with adding any bead rolling to this panel, it is .080 so it does not need it for strength and the edges are rolled for the tube already but what do you guys think. The side panels will get step rolled for sure still, just not sure on this one, part because it is only 11” tall so whatever I roll is going to be super skinny and long and I think that will look odd, and the f150 in my shop that has almost the same panel looks like shit with the roll the guy did in it. And for reference a pic of this F250 with no dress up rolls.

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