1997 Ford RAGER

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Dec 29, 2004
Phoenix Arizona
Took the truck out to glamis for dunewarz this weekend. First time the truck has been out with the backhalf, and first time it’s been out being used in 3 years.....God that’s sad. Right outta the box I couldn’t be happier with how this thing worked. Bypasses valving is still from when it was leaf sprung, coilovers have whatever “factory” valving they put in them, a 600lb lower spring and I think 200 upper because that’s what we had laying around. The truck is only gonna get better, but I really couldn’t be more stoked with how well it performed. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be a trip with the truck if I didn’t break something. I cooked another 3rd member the same way I cooked the last two. Pinion is smoked and started making noise a few hours into the day, but oh well.

Some videos of sand highway Friday before I parked it for the weekend

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