1st Gen Tundra Repair/Prep

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Jul 16, 2003
My buddy Steve picked this up just before KOH. Camburg long travel, spring under deaver springs with 2.5 triple bypass. He drove it out and beat the living shit out of it. He smashed the front bumper and killed the radiator the first day. We got him the parts and put it back together. He said he was going to tone it down a little.......he lied!

Day 2 he was charging around the King test track and bottomed the front into an embedded rock. Smashed the shit out of the crossmember that connects the rear arm mounting points and mounts the rack. This was the end of his fun as he had to drive it home 3 hours.

On the way home he lost the power steering, rack barfed a bunch of fluid. He also somehow managed to push the whole drivetrain back 2-3 inches and blow up the carrier bearing.

He dumped some fluid in it, rigged the bearing with some zip ties and duct tape and drove it the rest of the way home.

I got it in my garage yesterday and started tearing apart. Holy shit, what a mess. The front end needs EVERYTHING, all the pivots ,uniballs etc are smoked. The lower are bolts we’re bent and the sleeves are frozen/rusted in place.

I worked on it for a solid 7 hours yesterday and still don’t have it stripped down all the way. Everything was seized, bent or just didn’t want to come apart.

The plan is to rebuilt the crossmember, all gussets to the lower arm mounting points, a skid plate under the engine to prevent this from happening again, and do a full prep on the front end.


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Jan 31, 2005
Agree on the pics. a Good prep on a new vehicle is never a bad idea. Looks like a lot could be prevented by a decent sub structure with skid plates
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