2000 Ford Ranger

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Nov 27, 2018
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Okay, so I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 4wd with a 3.0L V6... Me and a friend got to talking and we want to build our trucks for prerunning, but at the same time, I need it as a daily driver... So I've heard great things about this site and I'm gonna need some help along the way... So some of the first things I'm gonna do are, a 3-4 inch lift with some 33s (maybe 35s?), Bed Cage, and I definitely want to do the 2017 Raptor conversion. I am fairly new to building trucks. So some tips on suspension, longer a-arms, recommended travel (im thinking about 12 inches or so), I beam conversion. Things like that would help ALOT.
It is DEFINITELY a project for sure... not in the best condition.
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the bodj

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Mar 4, 2010
There's a whole lot to unbox in that post. A-arms, I beams, raptor conversions, lift kits...

Read, read, and read stuff on here. The search function sucks so most people don't use it. Cruise through the DR Rides section, check out threads of trucks like yours, and read them from start to finish. Good luck with the truck!
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Jan 18, 2006
Fullerton, CA
I would suggest not doing the I-beam conversion. If you want I-beams, get an older ranger. With that said, you can probably find a 4x4 TTB ranger for cheaper than a long travel kit for your current truck. That would give you a DD and a separate play truck that you can take your time building right, and if you ever break anything, you still have a truck to get you to work and other responsibilities.

If it was my money. Id pick up a 97 or older 4x4 ranger with a 4.0, convert the front do full-size TTB off an f-150 or bronco. Many different ways to go in the rear. Depending availability of used parts in your area and how much work you are able to do yourself, could be a very cheap project.

What kind of offloading/trips are you planning to do?
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Tres Cuatro Tacos
Sep 27, 2006
Pacific Beach, CA
What kind of budget are you trying to work with?

33" tires, coilover shock conversion, bed cage, F31 deavers, new upper control arm, fiberglass fenders and a locker in the axle (or 8.8 explorer sport axle with limited slip diff.)

^ That will go a long way in performance with a modest budget and get you into the sport to start seeing where you want to take it from there.
Along the way, you'll learn that you need a better trans mount (stock rubber ones suck), new driveshaft carrier bearing (or convert to 1 piece), new engine mounts, and probably some other maintenance items that rear their ugly head once you start froadin'.

Go to the "DR Rides" section in Fab Shop, click on a build, and start reading. Finish the build thread, and repeat :)

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