2005 A-arm bug

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May 25, 2008
Apple Valley
Some may have known my gray bug I had built a few years ago and the drama I went through to get it completed. I enjoyed the car for 2 yrs and last year it became apparent a 2 seater just wasn't going to work anymore seeing that my kid is getting bigger and just wasn't practical with a family of three...it was a "selfish" car for me. If wifey and I wanted to take it out, we had to find a babysitter or take the rzr too but then it left me by myself in the bug and that became boring for me and a logistical PIA to get two trucks towing two trailers. I played with the idea of cutting it up and somehow making it into at the very least a 3 seater. It would've been really tight the more I looked into so decided what I think was a better choice economically. Well, I ended up parting ways with it, it was time to move on to the next chapter. Meet the next project. Its a 2003 VW Beetle, will be all tube chassis 4 seater (the other car I kept the pan which was a huge factor in limiting it's capability), S4 trans, Tatum 934s, pocketed front arms, boxed pivot housing, I did keep the engine however when I have more money down the line I'll eventually go with an LS engine. My plan is to make it air tight for dust as it will be in hard pack primarily.
First attempted to remove it from my flatbed with a cherry picker thinking it was light enough with help from friends. Nope. So I drug it off with help from my rzr...wish I would've taken video.
Once off, began stripping it so I could cut out the rest of metal that wont be used.
As it currently sits. It'll require more trimming but you get the idea.
CAD drawings of the suspension I'll be using.
Metal was cut out by R&E in Ontario. Small issues once I inventoried it but they stepped up and took care of me.

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