2010 Ford Ranger | Inline 4 to V8

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Nov 19, 2018
Grand Rapids, MI
Hey everyone...

I bought a 2WD 2010 Ford Ranger with the intention of turning it into a prerunner after I pay it off. I beginning to collect parts now so that when the day finally comes, I can just start assembling the truck.

The first thing I want to do is convert it from an inline 4 to a V8. I was thinking of using a 5.0L or a 4.6L. I'd like to relocate the shifter from the steering column to the floor. I also intend on replacing the rear end to match the drivetrain. I did a search on the forum for "V8 Conversion" and didn't find much. My question is, V8 or go with a built 4.0 V6? (I had an 2007 Explorer with the 4.0 V6 and had nothing but problems with the timing gears and chains. I'd like to stay away from that run of motors.)

Obviously, this truck is light and it's not going to need a ton of power like full size 4x4's. I'll probably be running 18" wheels with 33's on the street and sand paddles in the dunes. I live in Michigan, so mostly two-track trails and sand dunes.

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