2015 San Felipe 250

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Night Crew
Jul 20, 2008
San Diego
That sucks.

We just did two visuals for Jason Mcneil at RM80 and RM225. Truck was doing good in both spots. I got stuck a couple times out in the river bed at 225 trying to find an alternate way out. Ended up blasting through some quad tracks like 10 miles or so to some hard pack.

Then took our time coming back yesterday. Went to Valle T for some tacos and they were closed, hit the ojos rollers in my truck, and ate in Ensenada. Forgot how quick it is taking the toll road from Ensenada to TJ.


Did the Baja
Nov 23, 2005
San Marcos, CA
that sucks. did you get a chance to get in the truck at all before it died?
Nope. Lost a little oil pressure around MM100 and it literally popped 5 miles later. At least I knew a good chase road to go and grab them so it didn't take all night. Back at the house BBQing before 10 PM.
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