(4) 285/75/16 $150

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King Shit of Fuck Mountain
Jan 23, 2013
Lake Elsinore
Selling the tires off my truck. Tread I'd say is about 35-40%. ( Prob more than that but I'd rather say less vs selling some bunk ass bald tires and say they're 25%) All hold air without issue. I don't think there is any patches or plugs, will check in a little bit. They were just removed from my DD yesterday. 05/15
(2) are Toyo AT2s
(1) is a Hankook Dynapro AT2
(1) is a Pathfinder AT

$130 obo for all

Want em gone

The Hankook has 2 inside patches. They look to be quite well done. No plugs found in any of the tires. Dropped the price to reflect the patches.

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