4 projects, 1 driveway, no time

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Senior Member
Jan 18, 2006
Fullerton, CA
I have never been able to 3-wheel with an open diff. as soon as that inner rear tire gets light, it just spins and doesn't get power to the ground. LSD and Lockers only for me. also i should say this was when i was young and dumb, i agree 3 wheeling doesn't mean a good thing. however if not being able to 3-wheel is your justification for not needing a sway-bar, then i say you may still need a swaybar


Junior Member
Jan 4, 2018
Mammoth Lakes CA
Did a 40 mile loop with the Tacoma And it worked great. Rear end seems light and it kinda wants to wander side to side through the 4-6” washboard that the golf carts made around here.
I have zero idea on what to do with shock tuning, it never bottomed or did anything weird but I’m sure it has more potential.
Rear 3rd member is growling and puking oil from the pinion seal. I planned on getting a locker sooner or later, looks like it’s going to be sooner.
Guess I will have to bite the bullet and buy new gears, bearings and a Detroit locker and have someone build my spare 3rd.

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