4 projects, 1 driveway, no time

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Jan 4, 2018
Mammoth Lakes CA
Haven’t updated in a while. I got the buggy going with the borrowed engine from the Baja but couldn’t get it going in time for the Sandune trip. We took the dirt bikes with paddles and still had a great time.
Last week put the engine back in the Baja and have been using that as my daily driver to work.
Buggy got pushed to the backyard for long-term storage and the Tacoma is on the work pad now. Got front fiberglass installed with hood pinsand her new style grill. Started for a link in my rear end
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Oct 18, 2016
The sandrail was not as easy. It was a foot or two deeper. It was also bottomed out 4 corners with 3 flats. I dug out until I found the front and tried to winch it out with my homies bad ass bronco. Like a lazy dumb ass I hooked it up to the middle of the beam and the Sandrail didn't even move. The winch was strong enough to bend the beam.
I dug it out for another hour and tried again. This time I strapped it up to the stronger corner part of the frame and we ran the winch cable through a pulley to double up the power. It broke free but took everything the bronco had.

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