4x4 B4000 Prerunner

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Apr 6, 2021
So I just saw a ranger cab go up for sale with an 1 3/4” .120 wall cage. It’s down in San Diego which is ~6 hours away from me. Asking price is $800. It’s not white so it wouldn’t match the truck, but I’m not opposed to another DIY paint job.

Dumb idea to get it and save myself the time and money of either doing it myself or paying a shop to do it? Obviously still takes a ton of work to swap out the cab, make solid body mounts, do all the tie ins, paint, mount seats, etc.


Uno mas Cervesa!
May 14, 2004
Oh yeah for sure. I’d imagine it’s the “my uncles best friends girlfriends coworkers dad can do it for cheaper in Mexico”
Even if it was from a well know shop like Currie fab in mexicali. The McMillions bought a pre-runner from them. Looked just like a Stewart raceworks pre-runner. It was not even close in function or reliability. They were sorry they ever bought it after about a year of fixing things.

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