4x4 dbl cab tacoma build

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the bodj

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Mar 4, 2010
Hey man just for shits and gigs turn it way down and go super slow...all settings I have on my machine were waaaayyyy to hot and fast for me. Watch the puddle like a hawk til you see what you want.....THEN beat the absolute shit out of the test piece...long story long do a destructive test and see if you like it!

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This!!! turn the wfs down a LOT and drop the voltage if needed


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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
yea, I can usually weld a piece on 2x completey different settings. The hotnfast one is usally closer to the recommended settings on chart. The slower one is considerably lower than settings. Also depends on joint. Corner welds are always lower. The T-joints you are doing take a little more oomph.

I have a Hobart 210. It has 7x heat settings. Should be very similar to yours, right? You are welding on 220V, right?

Settings that work great on mine on 220V are 3-32ish and 4-42ish

I feel like your wire speed might be high too. And or you might be trying to take off too soon before building a puddle when you start. Notice how your welds start with a taller profile and then flattens out more?

What I like to do sometimes is put a tack weld. Start like 1/4" or so to right of the tack weld and let it build a little, then whip it to the left to the tack and watch that hole fill, and then go on with my normal pattern back to the right. Essentially the tack acted like a depth gauge.


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Apr 13, 2009
Los Angeles
Well I think I figured out the welder. I suspected that something was causing the wire feed to be erratic which was in turn causing the ripples. The tension on the wheel was set to max so I suspected that the liner was bad. I was also getting the occasional burn back. I replaced the liner and made some adjustments to wire spool tensioner and now my shitty welds finally don't have ripples! The arc feels much more consistent and my puddle is not bubbling all over the place. Just need to work on making the beads consistent.


I started to finish weld the steering components but by helmet kept flashing me. I think it's time for a big boy helmet instead of my amazon ones

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