5.0l ranger college build

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Jan 17, 2008
First off, HUGE congrats to Larry Roeseler and Cantina Racing/Baja Jerky for winning the Baja 500 overall! The Roberts Off Road Racing Team with me as Crew Chief took care of pit one for both trucks, 43 and 40. We setup at race mile 161 near Rancho Coyote Melling, and were tasked with replacing both rear tires, filling up fuel (about 100-110 gallons), getting food and Gatorade to the driver/codriver, checking the driveline, check front tires/beadlock bolts/tie rods, and check the skid plate for leaks. We had the slightly older/slower fueling setup that takes about 45 seconds to fill, so the goal was to get the truck out in as close to that as possible. We managed it in 59 seconds, so we still got some work to do, but I felt great about it seeing how it was the first time for most of the pit one team.

On the air jack: Max, on rear tires: Ren and Sam, Fuel Safety cutoff: Sharp, Fuel: Jake aka Jeffe, Start/Stop and checks: Me. Had a few of the spanish speaking security guards for the team on fire extinguishers and feeding tires, so that was interesting with the language barrier, and the Media guys were all up in our shit so that def didnt help either.

After all the 500 excitement its time to get the truck ready to race again. We are going to the MORE Glen Helen race (short course) on July 25th. Its basically just a big party race so if any of you want to cruise out the deets are here: https://www.moreracing.net/races/gg-fc

Started on the fiberglass. As predicted there isnt a whole lot of hood left after trimming for 40s and turbos. Instagram peeps suggested a grill which is a great idea, Ill try to get that in there, and maybe some F150 headlight lenses to make the front look a little more finished.


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