89 Hound Hauler 2.0 thread

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ucd baja

#1 Pig Killer
Dec 16, 2008
Guinda, CA
Don’t you dare you son of a bitch! Get yourself some DOM 1.75 .120 wall and some real heims. You take that Johnny Joint Neanderthal bullshit back to the cesspool we call Pirate4x4 and you leave that shit there.

I had to put JJ's on my beams because they were WIY threat beams and were too short and built for a F150. I needed the extra thread for adjustment I didn't have on the heims when mounted at the trans crossmember. I had to rebuild them right away and put delrin in there and they are still going strong and can I rebuild them on the trail if need be so I keep a rebuild kit in console.

It is not ideal but it works and has been reliable for years. But like Patrick said dn't you dare use square toobz!!
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Rowdy Fitz

Apr 16, 2021
So I have never used .120 wall. On the last set of extended arms I built for my crawler, I used 2”x.25” dom. Because I knew I would be bashing them on rocks and they were almost twice as long as stock arms. But that truck is significantly heavier than this stock ranger. I anticipate that I’ll be bashing these on rocks and what not. Will that .120 wall hold up? I could put a wear guard on the bottom if needed, but I’m worried about bending it not wearing through.

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