95 Ranger 1450

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Jun 4, 2006
Last Monday did a final shake down and shock tuning with SDG. Mild adjustments to the tubes and this vehicle handles night and day compared to the previous setup. Big confidence boost to the capabilities of the truck.

Wednesday loaded up to be in Ensenada Thursday morning for tech and registration. Epic time with the setup and hospitality NORRA provides. Stopped by PCI for some radio tuning and had no other items that needed to be addressed.

Friday get to staging late from what NORRA required and they gave us a 10 minute penalty prior to taking the green flag. The primary plan was to drive a conservative pace and just finish day 1 and have a fun time. We had 2 chase trucks with 3 adults and 2 teenagers to handle our needs. The plan was 1 pit and 3 drive by visuals as we progressed through the race. The truck ran flawless throughout the day with no issues. The pit went smooth and we continued the second half of the day.

We were cruising on a single lane sand trail with bushes on both sides, as we are entering the turn a white van filled with locals is heading straight towards us. I have a second to react and hit the brakes as we have a headon collision with the vehicle. Their airbags deploy as 5-6 locals exit the van as it's on fire. Im immediately concerned with getting hit from behind from another racer, I back up and trail blaze past them and get back on course. By co driver gets out to assess the damage and gives me the sign that we are done.

I get to have a look, the driver's side beam is bent in the middle and pushed the tire back a few inches and the camburg is all out of alignment. Drivable but not able to race. The van leaves the scene like usual and we are left to figure out what's next .
We waited a hour and the vehicle started to slow as the race was winding down. The last check point was a mile back. I hike back to contact them for help with limited luck due to the language barrier. After 15 minutes I was able to get them to shut the course down for 15 minutes so we could drive backwards to get out.

We were able to drive the vehicle back to our pits and load on the trailer, not having any tools or equipment to repair the beam, we called the race weekend. Got back to into town and ate tacos with multiple beers for the rest of the night. We stayed at horsepower ranch and closed the bar down that night!

All in all this was a adventure! Racing in Mexico is a whole different dynamic. The plan is to assess the damages in the next week and move forward!


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