A retarded trophy truck

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Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
Tools: 4.5 angle grinder, vise grips, Miller passport, butt sharpie, assortment of metric wrenches/sockets/ratchets, box cutter, drill and 1” hole saw
Tunes: anywhere from Jerry Jeff walker to CCR to Jamey Johnson to sublime
Foot ware: Ariat cowboy boots (can’t get the vans dirty!)
Swear words: 5 when the got damn bolts for the intercooler wouldn’t go in, my son took off and the wife was bitching about it
Steel used: 1/8” flat strap in the 1.5” variety, 1/8” p&o plate, 3” .120 wall HREW tube, 1” x.063 tube, miscellaneous tabs
Beers consumed: 0, I’m a baby back bitch today

Finished up the intercooler mounts and welded everything solid. A/c line mounted nicely too it as well. That was nice. At the end of the tube I put 1/8” plate to help disperse the load into the thin ass sheet metal. See if it keeps it from cracking.

Next was pass side core support notching for intercooler tube. Driverside has plenty as the rad is offset to the pass side. 3” tube and a lot of trimming later, clearance for days and headlight only needed a little trimming to fit. I put the 3” tube back in to again help add support back to the core support. Thinassjapanesebullshit

Everything mounted up

And now the fun part, turbo mounting!

This mock up of where I could put it. Cruise control will be moved and overflow bottle will have to move. That’s easy enough though. Power steering line needed a little massaging too

It’s going to be tight back here but I plan to move the front brake line towards the engine and I can snake a 3” exhaust tube between the fender and steering stem. Worse case, fender gets cut out for more room. I have a feeling the inner fender is going anyhow when long travel goes in.

Everything fit so on to making the exhaust manifold work. So glad these come with non cast style exhaust manifolds. They are all .120 wall as well. Once I found where the turbo needed to be, threw some old bolts on and tacked the port into place. Cut out an opening, carbide bit rounded out the corners (hopefully prevent cracking there) and I started making 1/8” steel plates to fill in

That’s where I finished for the day. Manifold is bolted down to the bench and clamped to hopefully minimize any warping. It wasn’t exactly flat to begin with but we shall see. May run it by a shop to plane it flat afterward.

Still need to:

switchthe exhaust crossover to feed both manifolds
hot and cold pipes
Blow off valve
Port for BOV feed
New waste gate line (reclocked the housing and hose is too short now)
Hook up raising rate fuel pressure regulator
O2 bung and sensor
Boost gauge
Oil lines (have a manifold so nothing t’s out of the block to potentially crack, drain is already done as well)
Possibly more I missed but not much!


Senior Member
Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
Got the crossover pipe made. I forgot the post cat o2 sensors are in there. I was going to leave them but I have this funny feeling they will throw codes so I’ll extend the pass side one a s throw them in the down pipe. Just need to get some plugs.

Once that was done, I started tweaking things for the air filter. The power steering resi needed massaging and I tweaked on that bitch just a bit too much, snapping the nipple off and spilling oil everywhere. So I get to order one of those. Then the waste gate signal hose was too low so I tried tightening the 90* barb out of the turbo and SNAP, chinese fucker came right off. Damn it!! So drilled that out, re-tapped for 1/8” npt and put a new 90* in.

Put the turbo back on and started playing with boots and tubing for intercooler piping. Need bolts for the turbo and then I can start on the down pipe for that. Boots are just roughly in place. I’ll trim them shorter for more clearance. List is getting shorter! Probably get back on this Thursday again


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