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American Motorsports
American Motorsports is proud to announces its release of replacement ford ranger spindles. Are you tired of blowing ball joints or losing cams. I am. Why just replace your beams and radius arms and not your spindles. Why keep the weak link in your front end. Its just not worth it. Lets make your front end solid and bomb proof with these replacement spindles that replace your stock ranger spindles. Each spindle comes with 2 uniballs, built with 4130 3/16 plate, the backing plate is 3/4 4130 for ultimate strength. All pieces are wet jet and cnc bend for supreme accuracy and then fixture welded. American Motorsports Spindles will bolt to your aftermarket beams that still utilize your ranger spindles. If your beam ends are setup for dana 44 spindles, these spindles wont work for your application, but don't worry American Motorsports is working on replacement spindles for Dana 44 beam ends. Each spindle plate is setup for 5x4.5 or 5x5.5 spindle snouts, all based on your application. Steering mounts and brake caliper mounts will be added based on your steering kit and brakes that your truck is currently running on your truck

American Motorsports
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Vista CA 92084
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