Another Toyota, on a Ranger site? This I have to see... (01 Tundra boring "build")

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is Ron Burgundy?
Dec 28, 2012
Where’d you get those service lights? Been looking into doing that. Not sure what to get.
They are amber kc cyclones, normally they are pretty expensive but I got them on sale from griffen fabworks in michigan a year of so ago for like half price. I am really impressed with the output.

I have:

2 under the hood on their own circuit
1 in each front wheelwell/fender
1 on each side of the trans crossmember
1 over the rear axle
1 pointing down just over the exhaust elbow
1 pointing sideways at the fuel tank

This seemed to give the best average light for checking stuff without blinding me or leaving any area dark.


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is Ron Burgundy?
Dec 28, 2012
I spent some time working on cleaning up and installing parts I have been sitting on for a while.

First Install was the L track in the bed to replace my "low profile" ghetto fabulous unistrut quick rails. This worked fine for many years and I am glad I had some form of track in the bed but I was never happy with how high it stuck up. I also could never get the eye bolt pieces I made tight enough with my fingers so they would slip around. I also had to replace the eye bolts because any good ratchet strap would bend them.

Once that was done, I popped 2: 1-3/16" holes into the rear vertical walls of the truck bed so I could install a pair of blue sea systems locking cigarette lighter sockets. I plan to use them as an on demand light socket for fishing/working/camping with the potential of using them as charge ports for solar panels down the road.

Finally, since my fire extinguisher mount used the unistrut and was not spaced correctly for the new L-Track, I popped 3 holes into the bed wall and stuck a set of M8x1.25 Rivnuts in to hold it in place. I had planned to put 4 inserts in but found out after I started drilling the bolt pattern that the floor of the bed stake pocket was directly in line with one of the holes. Eventually I will get around to cutting that out and adding the final hole.

Parts used:
4: 6' Aircraft style L-Track
24: M6 x 1.0 x 20mm Torx Flat Head Screws SS
24: M6 x 18mm OD Washers
24: 1/4 SS Fender Washers
24: Class 10 M6 x 1.0 Nyloc Flange Nut
2: Blue Sea Systems Locking Cigarette Lighter Sockets (need to wire)
3: M8x1.25 Rivnuts

Tools Used:
Milwaukee M18 Metal Cutting Circular Saw
Klutch 4x3 Band Chop Saw
Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver
Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill
Milwaukee M12 Electric Ratchet
Porter Cable Belt/Disc Sander
Drill Bits
Torx Drivers
Sockets and Ratchet


Time Spent:
6 Hours

New Holes in Jeans:

New Holes in Tundra:


It's Parallel, stop looking at it.

F JP, dude's a douche.

Side tie-down and outlet.

I am pretty sure that extinguisher is recalled, I need to replace it. For the love of god, cut the damn hose clamp tails you monster.

Team Green

3 Bolts on a 4 bolt flange, seems legit.

Reason why there are only 3 bolts.
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