Baja Memorial Day 2019

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Always Baja Bound
Jan 29, 2007
So this year was the first Baja trip I did without Tres_Cuatros since he's selling his ranger, silly goose.
No sweat, Charlie Brown stepped up + a few amigos from my office and we made the trek down anyway. Just ahead of the Baja 500 made for a nice little weekend with plenty of other cool trucks on the roads to check out.

Rough Itinerary looked like this:
Friday: 8am crossing at Tecate -> tecate to Rumarosa -> dirt through Parque Nacional -> Ojos -> Valle de Trinidad -> Mike's Sky Ranch
Saturday: Mike's -> La Calentura crossover trail -> Beach to San Quintin
Sunday: hammocks on the beach at Punta Mazo
Monday: Part highway / part race course from Erindira to Santo Thomas. Highway the rest of the way home.

Parque Nacional route was f'ing sweet. Bitchin' dirt and epic scenery the whole way. This was new dirt for me and I enjoyed the whole thing.
We did have a spot of trouble with one of our amigos crashing within the first 10 minutes on dirt. I guess he was a bit less experienced than he let on and he wadded up his adventure bike & bashed up his elbow pretty severely. I found out later that he broke his thumb actually.

La Calentura crossover trail is fucking sweet. Would do again. Epic.

Mike's sky ranch has a neat little waterfall that you can drive/hike to & even swim in if the water were higher. Not convinced that I need to come to this place too frequently, I wasn't hugely impressed, relative to how out of the way it was to other fun routes.

Layover / do-nothing days in mexico are the bestico.

No more trying to cross on the last day of a holiday weekend. 9 hours trying to get back into my own damn country is a new record and I'm sick of that shit.



Tres Cuatro Tacos
Sep 27, 2006
Pacific Beach, CA
I'm glad you held the torch high and kept going in my absence.
Got my eyes set on this next spring trip with a different vehicle. I'm very much looking forward to getting back down there. The planning has begun for the fugly monocle. Vehicle purchase and build details to come!
I'd like to check out that forest section next time we plan a northern trip too.

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