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Jul 22, 2015
soo I like offroadin, had too much fun as a kid with go karts, and dirtbikes(still do), bought a Toyota, and started suirtin metal on it. Its always a work in progress, its a fun hobby building stuff and driving it.
09 Tacoma access cab 4x4.

built a bumper....

put some shiny shocks and arms in there

Drove it around a bit... I do realize there are no desert pictures but truck is inspired from all those badass prerunners out there

got a softtopper at somepoint

since the rear was stock and completely beat to crap, I bought some stuff

king smoothies 12"

cleaned up the frame

plopped the shocks in there

seems to be an improvement....

drove it around some more

since I read metal on metal binding is bad I glued these on

and wanting to hit some more precarious trails and stiffen the frame, I added sliders

chopped the cab mounts back for bigger tires

built some skid plates

Bought a bumper kit and welded it up

Drove around some more

Oh yea got new wheels and tires at some point

since I need to carry a spare, I started building a tiregate thingy

works pretty well

trimmed up the exhaust a bit

added some stickers... and a light

and another light

I can see at night now lol

added some cab clutter


had to start over

made sure it drove ok still

then I got this idea to get a little more squish from the front end...

sold my front setup to a friend to fund more shiny things

started making this sketchy stuff

cycled my mock up stuff, pulled about 15" of wheel travel, need glass fenders...

welded in gussets all over the place

rebuilt my CVs with longer axles... pain in the butt

built a jig

started gluing the arms together

checking things out

made progress

flexed it

got some fenders and painted em in a gravel lot

plopped em on

got a killer deal on a set of airbumps, put em in the rear

Drove around a bit more...much smoother

got new tires

and that's where im at currently

saving up for a regear...

next fab projects are partial engine cage, secondary shock hoops, relocate the battery and box the rear frame in

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lil bawbee

Senior Member
Jun 25, 2011
sweet truck! howd you form the main tube on your original front bumper? was it bent or pie cut?

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