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Aug 19, 2019
Some people freak when you get the tape out. Others are cool with it.
I didn't mean funny like I wouldn't do it...It's a amazing idea...I just thought it was funny cause my son is very introvert and I could just imagine him being all nervous about I would damn sure do it...we live so far out in BFE..there is never anything remotely like that happening around here. The only people that don't like to share something like that are paranoid and dicks...just cause you have someones measurements and pictures...doesn't mean that you have the skill set to build it. I don't mean you..of course...I mean in general. My thing about showing stuff in public is...if you don't want it ogled over...don't let anyone see it. It takes a certain type of skill to follow plans...but even more skill to reverse engineer something. I am always impressed by someone who comes up with a new tool, but I'm even more impressed with the guy who designs the machine to make the

the bodj

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Mar 4, 2010
What size is the motor in that? (EDIT: can't read, got distracted by the pictures, looking for a 450cc)

It currently has a 16hp, 420cc "Duromax" engine. Basically a lawn mower engine on steroids. I've removed the governor, but 16hp just isn't enough for this. The 50ish hp from a performance 450 should be plenty. I've had suggestions for a 600, but I don't have the space, nor did I build it strong enough to handle that, and I just want to drive the thing at this point.

Dude..that is fucking amazing. we are definitely on the same track..we haven't fleshed it out much..just spit-balling.
Nothing was done with any plans. I literally did some napkin sketches, set a tape measure around my body to determine the cab size, and placed the wheels where I thought they should go and pretty much connected the dots from there haha. I used that free suspension geometry calculator thing for the control arms.
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