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Jan 2, 2012
Lakeside, CA
Got to use her a bit this past weekend.

Plan was to head out Thursday night to Yuma. Big group was gonna do a run from Yuma to Parker all dirt 260+ miles round trip. Ran into a snag with the San Diego snow.

Road was closed and after trying to go around on the back roads and almost getting stuck and losing the trailer 4 times we decided it was a better idea to head back home then continue on.

Since everything was already loaded we decided to head out to Superstition for the day Saturday and cruise around and watch the D 38 Race.

Baby Beers

Even got the chance to turn some tubes. Got the rear to actually do some work. Crazy how much of a difference that made shoot dang.

After a solid day we loaded up and headed out. All bueno. Until we get to the top of the grade. What’s that smoke behind us ? Looks at gauges ? Everything looks good.. pull off the freeway. Sha bang transmission fluid from the tow pig all over the place. Bummer dude! Ended up lucking out and a buddy saw us on the side of the road and drug my trailer and Betty back home. Then had to go back and pick up Diez.

All in good fun till next time !

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