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No Fat Chicks

Senior Member
Oct 9, 2011
Torrance, Ca.
Figure I'll contribute. So I've been helping my buddy do the majority of the fab work and install of all the suspension on his truck.
two of which were the BTF Cantilever kit and the BTF 3" over arm mid travel kit using a lift spindle.
So over all, the product quality and finish on everything was amazing!

the first install was the canti kit using f31s and kartek drop hangers.
•very very straight forward design, very easy install, tiny bit of welding and minor trimming on the frame, drill some holes and it's done!
•absolutely every bit of hardware is included you'll need start to finish.
•rode great even without any shock tuning or valving
•the rear shock mount didn't work with the kartek drop hanger so a little bit of fab work was done to redo the mounting points where it bolts togeather with the hanger but I really do believe this was just due to a communication error and BTF not realizing he had aftermarket hangers.
•the valving is wierd with the ratio, not a kit I would reccomend using without a bypass shock or whatever shock you have needs fairly heavy compression. when I drove it around on the freeway the back end felt like it wanted to fall out from under the truck on dips and bumps, now this really has nothing to do with the kit, just something you should keep in mind if you want this kit from my experiance.

overall: 9/10 I would reccomend this kit to anyone and even considered it myself after seeing it on this truck and the travel numbers it pulled with a full bed!

the other kit like I said was I installed BTF's 3" over mid travel kit w/ the camburg 2.0 shock tower, gusset kit and a 2" stroke bump stop.
May I start by saying, the arms looked great! Good welds, very nice design to the lower arms and everything looked plenty strong and capable of some pretty heavy abuse!
•lower arms fit PERFECTLY!
•the tie rod extenders are a much cleaner finish and stronger design than the usual stuff I'm used to seeing.
•aligned perfectly once finished
•rode unbelivably smooth on the street! Extremely impressed with how well it handled some bumps and stuff I hit around town driving around playing with the alignment.
•I was able to get it to 1/2 a degree camber at the hub at ride height on the alignment
•one upper arm must have warped open during weld and was about 3/8" wider than the other side, pain in the ass to flex into the mounts but it went with the help of squeezing it togeather with a ratchet strap.
•the lower shock mount bolt is a pain the get tightened since it needs to be installed the same time as the coil, now I'm sure there was a trick to this or tool to make it easier but working with your average garage tools it took me a cool minute.
•turning radius was pretty crappy, but about the same compared to any other similar style or lower cost LT kits
•extended brake lines were included with the kit but it was missing the replacement part that replaces the compression fitting
•I had to purchase high alignment cams for the kit to get the proper throw out of the upper to get it aligned.

overall I'd give it a 7/10 because there was a lot that went into the install of this kit, it's an extremely capable kit and very well designed but it was a bit of a pain to install mostly just the lower shock mount and getting the coil seated properly at the same time was my only issue but for the cost I don't think you can beat it, I would reccomend it over the camburg 5.5 kit any day of the year because you just get so much more for so much less!

hope this prooved helpful for everyone and again, very well done BTF, both kits were absolutely amazing!
I'm still considering the canti kit myself haha.



Junior Member
Sep 5, 2012
What kind of travel numbers come out of that cantilever kit? Been trying to figure that out


Senior Member
Jan 29, 2013
Fountain Valley, CA / Yucaipa, CA
I believe you can get around 16" but the driveshaft hits the gas tank crossmember before you hit full droop. I know Brandon has made gas tank crossmembers in the past to clear the driveshaft. Thanks for the pics/update too Bryce. Also, Brandon had the replacement part for the brake lines the next day. Thanks again for the kit Brandon and thanks for the install Bryce. Good stuff all around.


Senior Member
Aug 27, 2014
@no fat chicks how do you bolt a uniball upper to a stock/lift spindle like that? looks like a bolt getting pinched in place of the factory ball joint stud coming up through the uniball with a nut

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