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the bodj

1st post pg805
Mar 4, 2010
I stopped by the shop the other day and got a chance to look the truck over. Man you're gonna be stoked on it!


Mar 6, 2007
Anaheim, CA
Picking up where we left off...

Got the truck back from Tommy and immediately tore it all back down for paint.
I picked up a harness for the motor to be wired. The harness came with a few plugs that were not for my motor so it took a while to get that sorted out.
Once the motor was wired up and running I ran it to a local exhaust shop for a set of mufflers.
When the exhaust was ran I noticed the fuel and brake lines were awfully close to the exhaust so I fire sleeved the fuel lines and moved the brake lines out of the way.
Once the exhaust was on, I noticed there was a header leaking. The header was sitting on the upper arm mount enough to not allow it to sit completely flush against the block. pulled the header off, shaved a piece of it down so that it cleared the upper A-arm mount and the exhaust leak was gone.
so now the truck has no exhaust leak and is ready for an alignment. Alignment goes smooth.
As im driving back to the shop from Daves Frame and Alignment, the truck start sputtering and shutting off. Pulled the fuel filter and it was completely clogged. Cleaned it out, threw it back in and it ran fine. About 5 miles later, back to sputtering and choking out. I went to Mckenzies and bout an Aeromotive filter and ran all new -8 lines, it had been previously plumbed with -6 and was not allowing enough fuel to flow to the pump though such a small filter. Now the truck doesnt choke out.. were ready to rock the dyno.
The truck now wont stay alive and i cannot get the starter to turn over. even with a direct jump start.
well, when the header was sitting on the motor mount, it was grounding the motor out and letting everything start up fine. once the header was cleared from the upper A-arm mount, it was no longer grounding and was not letting the truck start. I make a giant ground cable for the motor and bam, back in business.

We all get to deal with gremlins and tieing up loose ends here and there so whatever right? finally its all worked out the truck runs great, it starts up everytime. lets go!
I get in the truck to drive it home and bam!! 4 miles from the shop the trans goes hahaha. I should have had someone go through the fucking trans. I got it from a member here who originally sold it as "ready to drop in, race ready" .. that was not the case.. trans was full of junk and clogging up the filter. Luckily most of the internals were ok since i killed the truck as soon as i head it slip and let go. so the trans gets re-built and thrown back in. Now it runs, drives and everythign seems to be working fine! haha

it finally saw dirt for the 1st time yesterday & it was fucking awesome. worth the wait. Its been quite a learning experience to say the least.

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