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May 7, 2008
phoenix, az

Still fucked. Don't ever think it's not!
So, as you can see from my miles trip and logging that I've been doing recently.....
I've been driving it around town here and there. When I put - NONE - under issues, THAT MEANS, IN THE BIGGER PICTURE I GUESS. NO MAJOR ISSUES......

I have gotten a few of the sputter and stumbles here and there but, it always clears out as soon as I smash on the throttle and continue on. I would say, it does that about one or two, maybe even three small, short times the past few times I've driven it to work or a gym or wherever......
I tend to Jynx everything so I always watch what I say out loud or on the internet. Hence why I haven't said anything about that happening. But, as of yesterday... That's not the case.

I drove it to the gym and then work and then home or something, but on my last drive to the gym... It really started doing the sputtering thing quite a bit. It even stayed an continued on after I smashed on the throttle a few times.
THEN, pulling down my street to come home, I made the last turn and...... It sputtered and then completely died.
Completely died.
It did start right back up and was fine the rest of the way down the block home but... Still. Why the fuck did it completely die....?!?!?

Talking to my dad and looking at my past posts on here, on Instagram or whatever, it seems like it runs good on the street for about a 100 ish miles, and then something starts fucking up and it runs crappy for -whatever the reason is-, then I take it to my cousin or uncle or someone to look at it and see wtf it is.
I'm about ready to drop whatever money is needed and take the truck to Serena at SDHQ. Especially now because, now it seems like its acting up so, they won't need to spend a bunch of hours trying to get the truck to act up for them......

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May 7, 2008
phoenix, az
YES, AGAIN..... Is it possible that I'm getting 4/5ish MPG in this fucking thing?!?!? Well obviously yes, I am because, it just ran better after putting some fuel in it. Hah. Rhetorical question I guess...
ALSO, my papa just took it around the block and said he noticed the air/fuel ratio after it warms up, at the lower RPMs it says it's running leaner JUST for a second, hence the stutter/hesitation, when you step on it.

YES, I have a fuel pressure gauge on it...
YES, it is a brand new badass fuel pump w/ a filter before AND after
now, it also was just out of gas, I guess, so could it have picked up shit, AGAIN, on the bottom of the tank?

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Mar 16, 2011
Have you checked your fuel pick up tube to make sure there’s no holes or cracks in it or anything?
Put the carburetor back on and get on with your life.

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