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Mega Member
May 7, 2008
phoenix, az
quicky update(just like i had with all of ur mawms)............

taking the pussygetter(NOT NO MO THO) to my mechanic buddy that actually fixed it for good recently next Thursday to have him look at/listen to it and see if it actually is a blown motor or what the deal is, THEN ill decide WTF to do with her.

he said he could replace the motor but then again, theres shit i want ot fix/make new if the motor is out/make it more accessible to get to in spots/a bunch of shit. or do i just let him stuff a new block in there just the way it is and however he can. do i just cut it apart and redo everything from the firewall fwd. do i just fuck ur mawms. do i fuck meye mawm.
idk what im gonna do.

but I thought id let you know that im tired of it sitting getting no attention. so im gonna do something with it to start faniggering it out...........

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