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Junior Member
Sep 21, 2009
canada eh !
Hey just wondering what ranger parts die or break and what people are doing to strengthen parts. The truck is a 91 ranger w/2.3 std. 2wd. Kind of a vague question I know, but everyones got some tips or tricks. Im just starting a build for a similar class.


here is a brief run down on the rules
Here they are, the new and improved Limited Lite Rules
Have fun boys ;)

A. Frame and Body:
1. Holes can be made in the body and box for roll cage and fuel cell mounting only.

2. Bumpers may be removed and replaced by racing style bumpers as outlined in the general safety rules.
3. The hood and doors may be skinned
4. Front inner fenders may be removed.
5. Entire box floor including wheel wells and box sides can be removed.
6. Can use fiberglass or steel box skins.
7. Can use fiberglass front fenders.
8. The steering box mounting may be reinforced.
9. Steering quickeners are allowed.

B. Engines:
1. Engine size limited to 2999cc. Engines will be model (but not necessarily year) specific.
2. 3.0L are permitted but must be raced totally stock. If stock air box is moved, the factory air box and factory size tubing must be used.
3. 2.9L same as 3L except MSD6AL is permitted.
4. 2.8L can use any carburetor and MSD6AL is permitted.
5. 4 cylinders may use any aftermarket carburetors, intake manifold, headers, camshaft, chip and MSD6AL is permitted. Any air filter is allowed.
6. Stock factory fuel injection can be used. Any V-6 Fuel Injection must remain stock.

C. Drive Train:
1. Automatic or manual transmissions are allowed but must be model specific to vehicle. Shift kits are allowed.
2. Differential lockers or spools and gear ratios allowed.
3. Removal of E-brakes allowed.
4. Gusseting and strengthening of the differential housing allowed.
5. Larger than stock wheel studs allowed.

D. Suspension:
1. Maximum of two (2) shocks per wheel.
2. Shocks are limited to any 12” maximum stroke shock that is not end user rebuildable and does not have an external reservoir.
3. Shackles may be extended.
4. Aftermarket springs are allowed.
5. Aftermarket upper A-arms and spindles are allowed. (Stock style ball joints no heims or uniballs)
6. I-Beams may be bent to help with camber
7. A-arm style suspensions may alter the strut rod to align its pivot on the same plane as the lower control arm.
9. Fords may invert shackles
10. Toyotas may run shackle pivots on top of frame.

A. Secondary suspensions.
B. Shocks cannot protrude through the hood.
C. Hole cut through hood for air cleaner.
D. Bead locks.
E. Aftermarket torque converters.
F. Relocating the steering box.


Cops Crew Chief
Apr 18, 2005
Covina, CA
plate your beams and radius arms heavily
eliminate all ball joints and bushings with uni-balls
After market or fullsize hubs and brakes
plate your cross memmber before it starts cracking
plate your coil buckets
and the biggest thing!!! think Lite Lite Lite!!!


ford anger
Mar 22, 2009
big bear
tie rods are a major weak point.. make new one's from chromoly And use heims on the ends instead of balljoints, also the ranger 28 spline axles are pretty weak explorer rear diff has 31 spline, much stronger


Sep 25, 2007
We're slowly converting our truck from Stock Mini to 7s. We went out testing last weekend and pushed REALLY hard to test some new parts. Broke the cross shaft in the rear end and it fragged the carrier and the gears. We were using the same rearend that the truck came with and, since it was an FX4 L2, we assumed that it had the 31 spline axles. We'd never broken a shaft and didn't really pay that much attention.

Long story short, we raced about 2000 miles on a 28 spline ranger axle and never broke a shaft in a 5200lb truck.

Yes, the new axle is a 31 spline, but I was amazed at how much abuse the 28 spline axle took. The trick, as it turns out, is to truss it really well because the housing IS very weak. Also, make sure your gearing is right and you have about 150% of the cooling you think you need. Spend every last penny you have on shocks and have someone that knows what they are doing set them up for you.


Did the Baja
Nov 23, 2005
San Marcos, CA
is 4x4 allowed? i know it would be heavy and more to break.. probably not to competetive.
Yes it is. Most of the 4x stuff is actually stronger and the 4x will pull you through the silt really well. Look at Darren Yorks truck, now the PBR truck thats for sale on RDC.

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