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I are smarts
Mar 21, 2007
Flagstaff, AZ
i dont know any classy people.
I'm not for sure. Especially after my recent IG videos lol.

151.150 there use to be a 2nd one as well, but could never remember it.
Going to add that one in my truck when I remember.

2 100W TK730's Full head and 1 50W TK730 Basic Head, all remote heads. What radio are you running?
Just a 281. I'm still pissed I waited too long to teach a buddy about the radio stuff. They literally were drilling holes in 110w radios when they upgraded at the fire stations.


Bonsai Trimmer
Oct 5, 2012
Clovis, CA
If anyone needs any radio stuff programmed, the cables are already in my truck. Also have cut off tools, power probe, wiring stuff including weather pack, and other random shit. Got to be prepared driving something with 1/3 of a million miles lol.
I’m just going to assume you take Monsters in form of payment


Mega Member
May 7, 2008
phoenix, az
Okay, can someone give me a specific destination where to put in Google maps, to go? I know that Papa and I have been to Barstow once or twice before but, Papa has an "Adam/grandpa" memory and my memory.... Yeah. Haha. You all know.

Sent from UR MOMS BED!!!

OHHHH!!! Burn!!!


ucd baja

#1 Pig Killer
Dec 16, 2008
Plainfield, CA
I have been busting ass to get my Xploder ready for this but doubt I’ll get it smogged in time, reg is paid and its insured but w/ expired tags....what’s the ranger/law enforcement like out there? I was at the DR Meat fest meet out there and didn’t see any the whole weekend. I will be trailering it out but it’s not green stickered or reg’d. Should I bother bringing it? I could bring CJ7 but leaf sprung front and rear :/

Feb 14, 2002
so cal
i dont have a good answer for you. there will be BLM there, but they are lazy and doubt they really care at all. About 15 years ago we were at a race and had the DR VAN there which didnt have current registration and we got a ticket.... no idea why CHP came out there but they did. I think in a sea of 400 people you would be fine, but i dont want to be the reason you have an issue.

if it makes you feel better my travel trailer doesnt have current stickers on it. Pretty sure i paid it, but lost them. lol

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