Derek's new class 5 car build thread

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Feb 24, 2009
Chino Hills
From jake just thought I would post of for others to view and see if there thinking about getting into class 5.

The new chassis are designed around current rules for SCORE. Which means that they will be legal for all of the other organizations. We started with 1.75" O.D. x .095" thick 4130 tubing. We chose the 1.75" x.095 tubing because it is lighter than 1.5" x .120 tubing and stronger. The chassis comes with all of the necessary triangulation for a strong long lasting race car chassis.
We designed it around the use of the new BFG 35" x 10.5" race tire. Which means that it will fit other tires comfortably.
The front beam is a 12" wider beam. with a 2.5" x .250" lower beam tube. This will accommodate the 2" or 1.75" arms.
The rear trailing arm is 30" long from CL of pivot to the CL of the hub. It uses a Delrin inner pivot and a 7/8" rod end for the outer pivot. we have it set up for a Proam Micro Midboard hub. Or you can choose a true Midboard or outboard hub, depending on what you budget for the hubs. We can accommodate any hub you would like to run.
The front wheel travel is approximately 14.5" depending on the socks you choose to run.
The rear wheel travel is approximately 20" with the Micro Midboard Hubs.
I have attached a price sheet for you to look over. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. We are dealers for most of the parts we like to run on the cars and can offer some competitive pricing on King shocks, ProAm hubs, And a lot of other brands.
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