Desert Meat Club Meatfest April 16 - 18 2021 Johnson Valley

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Nov 26, 2007
1000 Oaks, CA
When: April 16-18th 2021

Where: Johnson Valley, CA Hammers.

In this general area

34.39481164365006, -116.52718494994073

Thinking just after the little wash on Barnes Rd ( the road into the lake bed.)


BFG PITS ( 153.395)


Stevygirl and I are going to cover the cost of meat and torts, onion, cilantro, Salsa, Plates, Fork, knives.

If you'd like to bring a side or sides to share. Do it.

The general game plan.....

We are planning for 55 people based off of this thread.

-Friday night.

- Saturday AM Breakfast
I'll grab a 60 pack of eggs and what ever breakfast meats the meat man brings.

We'll have camp chef grills
Bring over bacon/Sausage/ eggs

- Saturday night 6pm(ish)
Tritip and ribs
Baked beans

If you'd like to donate towards the cause we'll have a Tip jar.

Dirt Miles

Friday- No plan depending on who is there we can figure out a run or 4.

Saturday Am after Breakfast (hope for 10 am )

Haven't finalized the route but the general plan. We will post Gpx and map of route so everyone will know what they are getting into.

Camp to Giant Rock
then back through camp over to the Dune area then on to Rock Pile off Bessemer and back to camp.

What to bring:

  • Firewood
  • Beverages
  • Bacon
  • Sides dishes.
  • Your shit talking A game.
  • Firewood

What to leave at home:

  • People that suck
  • Fireworks
  • 9% beer

Last few trips

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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