Do you still trust Craftsman tools?

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Jan 31, 2005
I worked at the dealership for a # of years. I was in parts and warranty. When bored I helped work on cars but was not a tech so I used the techs tools when I did help. I once asked why spend so much on snap on, mac, cornhole (Ha)...? It was explained to me that the warranty was good... I said well craftsman has a warranty, is cheaper and has the pro line which has rounded edges and all that. (The standard with the sharp edges hurt your hands if using all day).

In the end it came down to that they have trucks that show up to your place of business and you can buy/exchange tools. With craftsman you needed to go to the store for that. So they are paying for convenience and the ability to give them $20 a week and run up thousands of $'s of debt.


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Dec 8, 2012
Got a craftsman 300+ something set for Christmas of 2017, after a year of use, it has held up well. A few pegs above my usual HF hand tools. However all my new stuff from here on out is going to be kobalt, I have been super impressed with everything I’ve used from the Lowe’s house brand.

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Jul 16, 2003
Got my first major set of Craftsman Tools 20 years ago for my high school graduation. My pops hooked me up with a small roll away toolbox and one of those 400+ piece sets. I have added lots of stuff to it over the years. Everything from HF to Snap-On.

I’ve broken a few sockets, but always through abuse. Thin wall sockets on an impact, breaker bar/pipe combo etc. Nevet broken a ratchet or breaker bar. My ratchets/breaker bars seem nicer and more polished than what is offered now.

The screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. do the job well. Not pro level, fully smoothed out stuff, but utilitarian work tools.

I have no real complaints about my tools. I could see my son using them some day.

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