DR shock tuning day?

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2:AM Fabrication
Feb 7, 2008
Covina CA
I need to get out and get my new coilovers working better. Who else would be interested in tuning/hanging out the same day? Could be fun to get multiple people who all tune there own shocks (and/or people who want to learn) out at the same time to toss around ideas and talk shit on eachothers rides. lol Thinking maybe March 2nd Barstow Main
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Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
Leave it to the old creepy guy to take it down that fast!!! :p wait, pun intended?

But... If my dust collector was ready I'd definitely be down but no way by March... My motor is coming out next weekend most likely. Probably 3-4 months before it goes back in but at least in that time frame I should have everything else ready and to a point where I'm simply waiting while saving pennies to button up the motor/trans and reinstall, then game on.

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