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Jun 2, 2008
Hemet, CA
Well, we still need to get the new trailing arms done, but since we didn't have enough time to get them done for the trip we had planned for today, we ran one of our gen 1 and a gen 2 trailing arm that Ryan built for this truck years ago. We were able to get the Holley EFi System, all new wiring with SwitchPros, new back half, new fuel cell and new fuel system done for this trip. It has been a long 2 weeks but so worth it. The truck runs so much better with the fuel cell mounted behind the rear end as opposed to behind the cab where it was before. The added weight made a huge difference in keeping the front end up. I'm really hoping we can finally install the last piece to the puzzle, being the new motor in the next few months to finish this bad girl up. So happy all the hard work paid off despite a few fuel issues we had on this trip. The first being a faulty fuel hose that came with the new Fuel Safe fuel cell and the second being the fuel pump not working properly (thinking its due to it either sucking up a piece from the hose or from overheating from running without fuel). We are planning on ordering new fuel pumps and running 2 so we can switch between them if the need arises. Here are some pics I took.

She may not be the prettiest but we focus on performance over looks.

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Ryan Jubera

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Apr 12, 2008
We have just been using the f150 lately. Been trying to take it out as much as possible. Took her out to Lucerne with the family and she ran flawless. We also added a surge tank to the highest point of the system and it made a big difference with cooling system being that the radiator is in the back of the truck. We ended up making modifying some fittings due to not having the correct ones.

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