Gear Ratio advice?

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Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
<----------------- Standard cab F150, roughly 500-550 crank hp. 35" tires. Play truck with a Culhane built 4l80 four speed. It'll see VERY MINIMAL street use ever and even less highway. At most maybe across town to a car show or truck meet but typically it'll be trailered to and from the dirt...

What would you put in it for rear gears?

I'm leaning towards like a 4.88 or something in the low 5.xx range.

Looking at Strange's webpage right now I'm seeing 4.71, 4.86, 5.0, 5.14, 5.29, 5.43... Don't think I want any higher or lower than that range I'm guessing but...

It currently has 6.0 gears with probably about 400'ish crank hp and it sets you into the seats hard but I feel like the motor is running too high of RPM at the speeds I'd like to cruise at... The motor is coming out hopefully next month if the damn stars finally align and time allows for some upgrades, hence the first HP figures above...



Always Baja Bound
Jan 29, 2007
I suppose the first question would be what kind of usage you intend to do, even if it is just dirt only.

lots of dirt miles point-to-point gearing would be different than race-gearing, I'd say.

Related but unrelated... is it true that the really high-number ratios result in small pinion gears? or do these manufacturer's take care of it with just tooth count?


Feb 24, 2003
Las Vegas
Not concerned with racing performance. Not really planning on anything in particular for it. I've got paddles for it, it'll see glamis. I have a cabin in Johnson Valley, it'll see use there. I live in Vegas and play on the Mint 400 course. I want to eventually start exploring further up into northern Nevada which would be more point to point. Run stuff like the V2R course or Silverstate 300 course which are smoother high speed rally race stuff.
It might occasionally see use at Ocotillo Wells as well but probably not very often cause of the distance from Vegas. Maybe occasionally Barstow but that would likely just be to spectate a race which it would be trailered too... I don't know why I'd ever go to Barstow over Johnson when I have keys to the cabin out there vs. camping in Barstow...

"if" it were to ever be raced it's purely for fun and dgaf about optimal gearing or performance in the rare occasion I did line it up. And even if I do line it up, only races I'd consider are Silverstate 300, Snore Caliente or bucketlist of Norra. It'll never do something like BAP or RATR... Those don't appeal to me at all.

More concerned with still having enough power to pull 3rd or 4th gear without feeling gutless yet being able to cruise at 80mph all day without sounding like the motor is screaming. Currently at 90mph it sounds like it's screaming and I'm looking for 5th gear. But man, it'll pull all the way to 90mph and get there really fast!
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Mar 31, 2010
Simi Valley
You can go 10" and get something a little lower if you are worried about strength and want a lower range gear. Evan Weller build the gear set I have, I went with his recommendation as far as gear ratio and overall gear set up. I have 5.43's with a stock ls1, turbo 400 and 37's. The truck will go about 65-70 at 5200-5500 rpm.


TT Motorsports
Nov 18, 2004
Phoenix, AZ
I used to run a 5.57 ratio in my old race truck because it had 1 more pinion tooth than a 5.67 and couldn't tell difference seat of pants.

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