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Apr 17, 2014
I'm changing the entire drive train in my truck. I'll be running a 5.3 ls motor with a th350 on 35" tires with 5.13 r/p. I've out all the numbers into a calculator but they are saying at redline 5800rpm speed will be 110 mph. That's not a problem and basically what I'm looking for. But then I plugged in my current 4.3 with a 700r4 4.10 gears on 33" tires and it said top speed at redline 4500rpm is 145mph. This to me sounds odd. I know the 700r4 has the 4th gear but in 3rd it still says top speed would be 102 mph. I've had it near redline in 3rd and unless my speedo is way off it definitely isn't 102 mph...

So long story short what rear end gear ratio should I run with a 5.3 , th350 and 35" tires? I don't really plan on driving much faster than 100mph as I'm fairly certain a 300hp v8 will push my 3500# truck past that speed

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