GM 6.0L LS Motor Single or Twin Turbos

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TT Motorsports
Nov 18, 2004
Santa Maria, CA
Building my F100. Chevy 6.0L LQ9 4l80e trans. I want to build around a turbo setup to be able to get more power in the future. Would you guys suggest going twin turbo or single turbo for a offroad prerunner truck that's a play toy and glamis sand truck? 6.0L has stock heads new cam and will get a sheet metal style intake manifold and a holley EFI setup as the dyno shop says that's the way to go.
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Apr 27, 2005
There's alot of variables to consider in your post, either one can work great, consider what rpm range and power level you are looking at...then consider budget and packaging....then we get technical.

If you are building the truck now and adding the Nagasaki whirly noisy boy or (boys) later you should keep the basics in mind that you may have to redo...think of your fuel system requirements, tuning, air metering, trans, diff, etc...

I am a big fan of turbo'ing everything, my ranger ran great until it met a washout and turned into a crumpled beer can, the bronco runs great and is super fun to drive right now. I purposely put a slightly undersized but adequate single snail on it because I wanted immediate low to mid and ok top end via low boost and stock longblock with healthy running gear.

So...rpm range where you wanna drive it and power level you are going after is a good place to start.

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Apr 27, 2005
Just opening up ring gaps and not building the bottom end. Don't want crazy boost or a bunch of power just want mid range power really.

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Just my opinion...For the work you would put into packaging twins in an off road truck with a cage and shocks and tires and fucking snott and piss everywhere in your way versus the simplicity of a single a single I would go that route. Still alot of variables to consider...converter, cam, final gearing, etc.. It all comes into play

It's not gunna be a dyno queen, sounds like fun factor, budget, reliability, and driveability is a priority...that being said, if you decide on a power level you want (like 500-600 crank or whatever) then start playing with turbo calculators to get better honed in on sizing and boost levels versus rpm range might give you some insite.

Or...since it's LS and 5 million people have already done it in their lawnmowers or 240's or 91 Camaro's and figured out a reliable fun setup that you can mimic, start there and get to work.

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Dec 26, 2013
Tehachapi, CA
Not to muddy the waters, but TFS 225s and a decent cam will get you there, with none of the reliability issues. Otherwise, Turbocourier nailed it when he suggested packaging is your deciding/limiting factor.


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Dec 4, 2006
Huntington Beach
As a competent fabricator you could get 600-700 horsepower way cheaper from a single turbo than a supercharger. You could probably get your goal with an ebay gt45 for $150, but would probably be happier with something in the $600 range, then just mid range wastegate, bov, and intercooler from VS.

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