Grand Canyon trip

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Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
Day 3: Final day

We woke up Sunday morning around 6:00am again to the sound of midget nate bitching about his back... very well could have been the actual SOUND of his back. hard to say. Anyhow, got up, got moving and started packing. it was a beautiful 55* that morning and i sure as fuck didnt want to go back down to the heat. Nates wife was starting to worry more about the heat down in phx though and asked if we could just skip breakfast in jerome and book it home. We had no issues with that, i dont need either of them getting heat stroke in the fucking canned ham... it would live up to its name then.

Left camp around 7:30am again and we took the 71 road south off the rim towards Jerome. we cooked right along across the verde and headed back up the mountain. Rolled into Jerome around 8:30. Took a piss break and then rolled on. Cross over mingus mountain and hit the powerline trail down to Orme. Cruise the Orme Dugas road untill i hear "Hey i think i found a cattle guard jump, should we stop?" your damn fucking right we will stop! So jackassery ensued and we both turned around to hit the jump. it turned out to be more of a roller but still fun to play on.

Nates turn

When we were done dicking around, we headed back toward Mayor to top off fuel. Got into Mayor around 10:30 and decided to throw together a quick lunch. fucked off for about 30 min and then said our good byes from there since we wouldnt be stopping again. Took bumblebee rd all the way back to the highway and just ran the 10 miles of highway back to new river road where we split off and headed back to our houses.

Overall, we had a fucking blast. Everyone was tired as hell but it was an awesome adventure. Saw more parts of AZ ive never seen and sucked in the cool temps. the best part was just not being in a rush and going with the flow. I have a hard time relaxing on a trip i plan but i made damn sure everyone knew up front, im not stressing to hit checkpoints. initially, mileage was suppose to be in the 400-450 range and i though that was alot but we wound up doing 530 miles over 3 days after re-routing some areas. about 50 miles total of asphault.

Carnage from the trip was minimal,

the Retard TT:
  • Lost a RR fender flare
  • LF bottom fender mount broke, zip tie fixed
  • Either the tune or the O2 sensor are being fucky. had lean spots i never had before but im also driving in parts of the map i never really saw before so may just need tuning. O2 sensor did wig out twice and just hold a number but then reset.
the Canned Ham:
  • Loose antenna (tighten up and good to go)
  • LF shock is still weeping a bit (i attempted to fix a long while back but i think its just fucked now)
  • threw a check engine light for front diff "smart lock" issue and lost 4wd about 1/2 way back the last day. may have been sooner?
So overall, fuckin minimal as shit issues for what we did. good times!!

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