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Garage Fab
Oct 30, 2009
lake havasu city ,AZ
hello! fellow truck beaters;) this being my first post in the garage fab section i just wanted to say hi and give you a little background info on my self i live in the little party town of lake havasu city if you havent heard of it google it :D and off road is my lifestyle its not just a fad or a cool thing i completely engulf my self in it and my work. i am a perfectionist witch tends to be a bad thing in fabrication i have a hard time letting something 'fly' because it just bugs me but thats me and thats enough about me and on to you guys. what would you guys like to see something thats rare, odd , or would make your life easier i.e a ranger coil bucket with an adjustable shock mount for 8'' ,10'' shocks just get the wheels turning and give me some feedback :cool:
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