Howling noise after 40mph and during decel...

Johnny Raincloud

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Jul 16, 2009
Canyon Lake, CA
Like the title states...

In the last 3 days, my truck has been making this light pitched howling noise the second I hit 40mph and through about 60mph. It also makes a weird puffing sound under load while warming up and driving up hill.

Once I get off the freeway or start to decelerate from 50mph down to about 35mph, i hear the same howling noise.

It’s an 05 Ranger STX with 120,000 on it. 3.0 auto, stock 3.73 running on 33x12.5x15 and has been for 10 years +!

Front wheel bearings were changed last year along with rotors and all supporting parts up front.

Could this be the end of the rear end?

Thanks in advance guys!


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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
Sounds like rear end from here (ring and pinion). I get a nasty howl after the gears wear out when I "coast"... which is really a de-acceleration with the driveline engaged.

If you truly coast... AKA, put it in neutral, the sound will drop dramatically.

BroDaddy truck is experiencing this right now. We cook gears a lot faster with the ratios we run though (He is 6.0. I am 5.67)

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