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the bodj

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Mar 4, 2010
Picked up this 2000 Tundra almost 2 weeks ago. Has a lot of nice parts on it, but oh man does it need to be cleaned up and a fair bit of work to become the nice truck I have envisioned.

How it sat when I got it:
4.7L with 163k miles
4x4 but no front axles
straight piped cat back
Interior is all there and mostly intact, but disgustingly filthy.
Solo XLT kit w/ their fabricated spindles and upper arm bolt gussets, heimed steering
FOA bumpstop (2.0x2) (according to the add. I think they're Fox?) and Fox bypass (2.5x10 3 tube) with SAW coilover (2.5x10) in the front. 2 limit straps on each corner
Bolts welded onto the front bumper sticking forward, so you thread the nut on to hold the skidplate
Very interesting engine cage
C27 Deavers that were only cycling around 10" of travel
No bed
No bed mounts
No bed cage
SAW 2.5x16 3 tube bypasses
Nitto 35s on 17" Stealth wheels
4.88 gears with Trutrac limited slip

Here it is loaded up on a trailer I borrowed from only1mikey. This was the first time I towed with my truck. E brakes are incredible!

Here are the only broken interior pieces. Doesn't do justice as to how dirty the interior was. Sand, grime, mud, dog/human hair...

The owner primarily used it at Pismo, so I've been cleaning up rust and painting everything.


I had to clearance the shackle hanger to allow for more droop, and clearanced the vertical lip a bit because the bolt head was hitting it as it cycled up. Now pulls 18" instead of 10"



I was able to use these lower mounts I cut off another rear end I was working on. @Turboyota made these a while back. Yes, I cleaned them up before welding them on.


Cycling for shock mount location

Built a simple bedcage




I had to make room in the stock crossmember and used a deadblow to knock a little dent in the gas tank to make room for the bypasses



New headlights and corner lights really brought some life back into it!

Here's what's going on in the front end. The top of the stock shock mount was cut off to make room for the bypass, so it just holds the upper arm mounts. They welded the Solo plates on backwards lol. None of the reservoirs are actually mounted. All just zip-tied on...

Here's the back half after rust removal and paint. Not shown here are the cleaned up and repainted Deavers.

Ground back a bunch of the previous owner's welds and went over them. They were stout, just ugly. Cut the old light bar tabs off and welded new ones on. Cut the bolts that were holding the skid plate on off, and then repainted it


Brian @Motiracer38 gave me the bed from a parts truck he has, so I picked that up on Tuesday evening and here it is resting on the frame. I'll be making new front mounts for it this morning. The sheetmetal bedsides are worked, but I don't care because I already ordered Fiberworx 4" bedsides, which should be done in 4-5 weeks. The inside box is straight and mostly dent free, so I'm a happy camper!




Next steps are to cut holes in the bed for the bedcage and shocks and get that all welded in and add a bit more triangulation to it, order another wheel and tire for the spare, mount E track or D rings in the bed so I can strap the spare down, then move on to cleaning up the front end.


Senior Member
Sep 8, 2010
Phoenix Az
im pretty sure those are FOA bumps.

i think you should sell me those fox bypasses, clearly they dont match the SAW's and they are top mount resi. much better suited for me
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Dec 15, 2008
High Dezert
Ya they are definitely FOA's..I am running the same on my front, and they have faded to same color as yours. Looks like a fun built.. Keep it up brah..

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