Is Clean - Dezert Dead?


Nov 26, 2007
1000 Oaks, CA
anyone headed to barstow on the 27th for the Terra Crew/Clean Dezert event? We have been asked to come out and help with the event.
I'll be on baby watch by then, so I'd better not roam that far from home. Shit! you guys are going to get all the good trash!...
Will have to be the next one.
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Mar 4, 2010
I had a great time! I took off a bit early because I was getting a headache from being hungry and didn't want to tow the trophy kart on the trailer to slashX lol. The kart was fun but needs more motor and a real transmission. The belt broke, locking up the torque converter, and ripping the chain. Good times!

Feb 14, 2002
so cal
Big thank you to everyone who came out this weekend. This wasn't a large event, but it went great and the amount of trash we brought in was awesome.... A huge thanks to Terra Crew for letting us be involved, it was awesome to be back out there.

Now i am going to vent about the BLM..... i tried to organize a meeting with the BLM Friday on my way out since i have had little to no traction getting a response from them... however they were very quick to respond they were not available Friday.

Then Saturday i saw some BLM trucks so i went to talk to them, and to my surprise it was the lady who i had been leaving voicemails and emails for, for the last 4-5 months.

Today i emailed her again just to thank her for her time, and she requested i sent a proposal to her for our event in November....... the same one i sent on march 18th and again April 4th.... unbelievable. At this point i am pretty frustrated and not sure what else to do. I get the feeling they do not want to be bothered, even though I am only asking for their blessing and told them if they cant help support the clean up financially i am okay with that. GRRRRR

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