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turbocourier 79

trying to build it all
Apr 5, 2005
southern oregon
so jeep cart prototype is real stable and i have ideas on how i want to "improve" on the design
gen 2 will be about 9" wider on the body to match the front axle width of the gen1 now. and then a couple inchs taller to help get the motor under the hood
pics of gen 1 if you dont know.......

step one is get a ridiculous but manageable engine (310$ ebay)
ninja 250 twin. electric start and 6 speed. pretty cheap and very common. this is the later series that is more mid range than top end so that is nice

now that i have a motor #2 on the need list is tires (200$ ebay)
23x7-10 i want it to look jeep so the tires need to be flat bottom and square edge. and kinds street legal looking

then some cheap wheels ( 80$ ebay )
stock beat up blaster front wheels

i will build a simple fuel injection rig for the intake and single exhaust. i dont plan on revving the shit out of this thing.
with a top speed of about 45 the motor should put out plenty of torque through the gearing.
for drive train i also plan on using full hydro. a pump right above the sprocket in the same style as the starter.
then plumb it into the for/nuetral/rev hand valve and finally to the rear and possible front hydro motors
6 speed forward AND reverse

monday i will pick up 2 4x8 sheets of hot rolled 14GA (70$ each)
this should be more than enough to build the whole tub
anyone have a sweet metal place that can plasma/lazer cut out for cheap? from a dxf file?
the couple i have contacted want a lot of money for a simple pattern.
i mean i can build a table as big as my driveway for like 800$

front axle ball joints (43.92$ ebay )

got some big boy wheel bearings for 20$ off ebay
6 pcs 6305 2RS C3 rubber sealed ball bearing, 25x 62x 17 mm
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turbocourier 79

trying to build it all
Apr 5, 2005
southern oregon
trying to learn some more.
so with a 23" tire, 35 mph is about 513 rpm at the axle

maybe i get a 7.5 cube motor that is about that rpm. then i can chain/sprocket it same speed as axle
but, if i get a 14.7 cube motor and spin it twice as fast (through sprockets) as axle do i get more torque?
after all there is only about 2000 psi of power on tap. one cannot just keep adding power to the pump.
it must be made easier at motor right?

found some usefull output shaft info
about 10K redline. lol

Transmission Overall Ratios​
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Mar 29, 2017
Hell yeah!

What happened with that turbo manifold chingadera that you were working on awhile back?

turbocourier 79

trying to build it all
Apr 5, 2005
southern oregon
wtf! the first one has suspension
i get these cute little 300# leafs. i have some more cuteness in the form of mustang 2 shocks
i would guess at 6" travel if really twisted up
they are perfectly weighted though



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