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Ryan Jubera

Senior Member
Apr 12, 2008
We jave been cranking on projects lately. Thumb is feeling good. Not a 100% and can only bend it like 10 * before it locks up. Went to the doc. And they want to do physically therapy first. I have already accepted it so we will see if it gets better. Don't really want to do surgery. We will see. Some progress we have made lately.

Class 1 ish buggy

Bypass mount completed with all main tubing structure is done just needs to be finished welded. Coilover mounts will be integrated into the tubing and tied into the plate bulkhead / bypass mounts. Next we will be getting the floor and paneling done so the owner can come over for pedal placement. Trying to have this car out in the next month.

Luanna s old truck(GMC)

Motor mounts are completed and trans is in and bolted to the motor. Trans mount is in the works. Tubing was reverse engineered and put into solidworks so I could design the shock mounts shock mounts are pretty much done. Next we will be working on the fire wall and finalizing the pedal mounts etc.

We are also working on some fully fabricated 4140/4130 Dana 44 knuckles.for a past and present build. They will mainly be machined with some 4130 plate. We have talked about building these for years and finally pulling the trigger.

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