JustNCase I needed a new project ... "BroDaddy"

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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
Here is your full carnage report from the BROll-over.

Not BROken ....but about as straight as BROke Back Mountain!


Roof looks like a bag of BRO-tato chips too.

Antenna for Radi-BRO got kicked in the dick.

Apparently these FORD FUCKING RANGER windows are waaaay stronger than Elon Musk's CyBRO truck!!

All the main portions of bedside mounts appear to be fine. Just a few bent tabs. But, the FiBROglass.... yea, not looking so good.

Mickey Thompson would be proud.... But, daddy need wheel

Make that a double!

Lil kiss goodnight by bedside before nap time.

When the beam bent back... the bumpstop pad actually mangled the bracket for pass beam. We might be able to just beat this one straight. We hope.

You can see what it did to this side too. Hard to tell if brackets are bent in regards to pivot point. Hopefully things cycle OK and we can just beat it straight too.

Radius arm mounts seemed to move a little. Frame got a little twist. But should be fairly easy to fix.

My thought/hunch. I feel like the bolt in cross member allows shit to twist a little. See previous evidence on pass side too

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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
damn cut and paste got me cuz email turned images into hyperlinks....

Here is the rest...

The lower bypass mounts are tweaked a little. I blame all that cheap ass hot BROlled steel I use.

Well, shit, it is on pass side too. So maybe this is from BROver jumping everything in sight over the years. Probably will straighten and box these on pass beam... maybe even put an overlay to thicken it up.

This piece of fiBROglass somehow made it through virtually untouched.

Mirror and glass on both sides good too. WTF! That's a first.

This door seems perfect too...

The front fender/hood mount is... fully BROasted. Looks like shock ressy end cap area might have kissed tube too...hope it's not bent

So is the box that held PDU

It appears to have put a little bit of a depression in the main chassis tube. I think it should still be OK though. What you think?

Hard to believe.. but so far, only that is the only section of tube that we have had to cut off.

This will be an easy fix

I wouldn't worry about this lil guy either. MC hammer time

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Mar 29, 2017
Damn dude! You built a pretty stout truck for sure.

Lots of little stuff to fix, but nothing seems insurmountable so far.

Love all the BRO references in the posts—I was cracking up!

You should have extra free time with the BROs here in the next week or so right??

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Jan 15, 2006
Long Beach Ca
Bent tube Motorsports has the files for the KelFab stuff, shoot Jack a message and see if he can help you out. Also that fiberglass i repairable, i took my old bedside to a shop with it in 3 pieces and they made it look brand new for not too much money, for sure cheaper than buying new glass

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Jun 28, 2006
San Diego
Yea, Justin has been in touch with Jack. Thanks everyone!

As for the fiberglass...I always just repaired it myself ...and it looked like shit. LOL. I figured a shop would charge a grip! I think he may want to switch his bedsides though. I was thinking to take my new McNeil ones over to see how they look.

We got it in the yard yesterday. This is where the surgery will take place. His backyard!! His wife looked super impressed by this new decoration. HAHA.

Brodaddy be like a Honey Badger though. He don't give a shit!


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