King PR 2.5 shock tuning help

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Aug 7, 2019
Gilbert Az
So I need some guidance on where to go with my shock valving on my budget beater... torsion bar obs chevy 4wd with a lift kit, and just shock towers built to fit a 2.5x 10 in there

so ive been through the shocks a couple times and have had moderate luck. truck does great on small chatter and slow speed jumps to flat but nothing in between. Truck feels like it wants to dive into bumps and blow through all wopping 10" of wheel travel id like to try to get rid of that "pogo stick" feel....and im aware i need to gusset the upper drop off the lift kit

Current front valving. N2 at 200 psi

Thanks in advance. This was the first time driving it with the current revalve and all just stuff by the house. I tried to get what i thought would help if anything is needed to help see what its doing let me know


Uno mas Cervesa!
May 14, 2004
That's a lot of free bleed. A-arms are usually 2 open. You are also lacking in high speed damping, Either cut down on comp clearance or flexy rate plate. Also, if you don't have 250PSI in them that needs to happed also.

I would ditch the flutter on comp and change the reb face shim out for a 10
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