Let’s see those center console set ups

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Ron Mexico
Oct 5, 2014
Buena Park
So this is what I’ve got. The Desolate Console which integrates into a Tuffy Console. Still trying to figure out how I want to lay it out but probably run a switch pros, my intercom, RR, and some charging ports. Any other ideas for additions?

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Andy jones

Feb 8, 2004
canyon lake,ca
Here’s what I have going so far with my Desolate Motorsports setup in my Bronco.

I’m gonna make a cover where the old ashtray was at, and add two USB charging ports. The spot that’s below the transmission controller will have some switches for Fans, Front Hellas, and Rear Amber. Once the Tuffy Console shows up, whenever that is.. I can finish installing everything and then have it wrapped in vinyl to match the seats and interior.

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